Monday, August 23, 2010

Tomcat's Comic-Art Emporium

Welcome Friends to my EMPORIUM~

As you all can see this is my very first BLOG so i'm very NEW to this, Here, i can display my ART PIN-UPS and Comic Related work and i will answer all questions needed. first of all, I love to draw and i especially LOVE Comics and Video Games, who doesn't!!! My Artwork is my life and i love drawing it for non-charity purposes and I like to meet as many Fellow artists out there as i can-- I love exchanging or TRADE art and if you are the Lucky few I can do some art for you~

My Comic "THE ORGY BATTLE SYNDICATE BRIGADE" is a Gay-related COMIC that shows Homosexual Characters of Anthros (Half Animal-Half Human) Maybe a little more in between. I have Mythical Characters of ORCS, DEMONS, TROLLS and many more~ if you been to My website at Fur Affinity and see my Comic There, you'll know what i mean~~ if any HOMOSEXUAL materials make you uncomfortable PLEASE DO NOT VIEW THIS BLOG!!!
In "O.B.S.B An Comic Series Book 3"
"New Pages from 52-53"
is now Available~ Please check out the left-hand side of the Screen to view The NEW page~ 

I have a wide selection of art material you can view here including The Comic O.B.S.B. (ORGY BATTLE SYNDICATE BRIGADE) This Is a Story of an ORC WARRIOR, TRASSK.who was stranded to a strange land, Alone with his adopted son GOR the two befriended a human battleforce team called the "CRUSADERS" realizing the truth of his Heritage, TRASSK was transformed into a overpowered Muscle ORC whose Organs were fused to an ever-powered sex machine~ due to the Radiation of a futuristic Earth which suffered a Nuclear War, TRASSK will forever be bonded to a life he did not wanted~

TRASSK, along with GOR has made many Friends has made seclusion on a small tropical island. he band together a small fighting force with a RHINO-ANTHRO MUSCLE-HOUSE Named BRUNO, a Young ROOKIE BEAR name BURF and a small fighting force of cadets to protect the innocent from Global Terrorist of King Minotaur and his menions of henchmen.

Many Guest-Star Characters appeared in the Comic from Various Artist I've known for many years and i took the liberty and time to make these characters look and appeal pleasing to their respective Creators.



  1. Congrats on your blog! :D

  2. hey, I never knew you were from SD, pretty cool- I'll be stopping by now and then to see how the site is progressing :)

  3. When you done the new pages from Book 3? :D
    O.B.S.B. is the best comix I ever read !!! AWESOME!! bud I cant wait longer for new pages :(

  4. NIce Art But you has ended with drawing? Please write when you done your work with new pages because I am eager!!!

  5. I love your artwork man! :3
    Keep the awesome work!

  6. Wow! You have a nice blog. Looks like this blog will be fun and interesting ^^

  7. Hello I am Igor, I am Brazilian. Do not know much English, so I am using the google translator
    But I really like your drawings, I was even excited. I wish I could draw like you, so I ask you a favor, tell me the programs you use, technical advice and more. I'm looking forward.
    Your Fan Igor
    Answer me (

  8. Oh wow, stumbled on your blog after searching for "Sexy Kilowog" and instantly fell in love with your character Bruno. Rhinos are my favorite animal and now I have something to fixate my lust to. Amazing artwork Tomcat!!! Thanks for sharing :)