My Favorite ORCS, "A Tribute to their Creators"

Here, in this SPECIAL folder, you will FIND my Tribute to some of what i would call the SEXIEST, BEAUTIFUL and Outragous ORCS this side of the SYNDICATE BRIGADE-- I have of course some juicy PICS of art from various Artists who, just like me mind you, LOVES ORCS.

Let's start out with my GREAT friend, "BARTOL" i've knew him for 4 years on FUR AFFINITY and these were his first few favorites of ORC pictures of mine--- Bartol wasn't a regular artist on FA and some art came from months at a time-- more and more his art got more colorful and more appealing.

When i heard that BARTOL was doing 3D Modeling, i was floored and his ORCS came with a BANG. and i was hopefully one of the FIRST to Congradulate him on his Progress--
I really LOVE how this Big BEEFY Orc came out-- with it's menacing creepy glowing blue eyes and his huge schlong-- i bet in real life, he can woo the Females ORCS or even the Males. hell, he even woos me just for staring-- anyway his redemption of this ORC has pleased a lot of viewers, especially me.

I thought for sure each passing week we will continues to see BARTOL shine with these Models and his ORCS were so well-done that he started to make fantasies come true-- with his rendering of foreplay and sex-play went to the NEXT LEVEL-

Over the progress of the weeks he was producing this PICS, BARTOL was showing almost every possision known to ma--ORC, again the purity of these 3D models were the best i ever did see.

A few notes were giving to BARTOL about various poses and he fullfilled them beautifully-- I kinda wished i had some 3D Model Software for my computer so i can always pleased my fans with my continuing comic but until i do-- I can always look to some incredible work here done by BARTOL.

The TATTOO Orc who in these pics is the Dominating character which i find very interesting-- as if the lower rank ORC who happens to be on the bottom and enjoying a real good fuck, the markings on the force fucking ORC caught my eye and thus got me wondering of how he will play an IMPORTANT role in my COMIC-- of Course BARTOL was intriqued and thus we are working together in having him to appear-- Probably as TRASSK'S much Older Cousin--- we shall see.

The Cumshots of this Specific Orc was breathtaking and was among my absolute FAVORITES, the Cigar on the above Pic was a nice touch but kinda lost his Charactristics-- I almost felt there was a TINY bit of Trassk in these PICS because earlier drawings i did with TRASSK i did one of him having a cigar but later scrubbed it and Gave it to my Gorilla Character GOR.

I love the concept of this ORC, what bothered me is that the sperm looks too milky and he doesn't express his overwielming relief of masturbating-- i love this Orc Character because of the Tattoos on his crotch and on his face-- i'll tell you one thing-- I will enjoy drawing him in the COMIC very soon.

This PINK ORC is again a very interesting character that BARTOL did on FA. he too might make an appearance in my COMIC. it's been awhile since BARTOL did any NEW pics of these ORCS and i'm dying to see more--- please check out his gallery on FA here