Fan Art

Over the years I have been doing this Comic and Pin-ups and i have made a lot of Friends, some became very popular artist who i treasure very dearly. over the course of translating the Comic and adding their Special Characters, they too took the liberty of doing some art for me, here are some FAN-ART

This picture(s) were done by my great and wonderous friend BRAFORD, His art is legendary and I considered him my TRUE ASPECT OF FURRY. if it wasn't for him i wouldn't never got into furry comics and the O.B.S.B. would've never been created. I would LOVE to have Braford do each of my 4 Main Characters. i have these two pictures hanging in my hallway
Thank you Braford, for everything

These are pictures from the very Beautiful Ivybeth, who i've met on Yahoo messenger~ she is very crafty in both her inks and colors- my heart and soul goes out to you Ivy, Thank you so much. Love & Kisses


The Thing (c) Marvel Comics & Hellboy (C) Mike Mignola

These pictures here are from Noirtheater, another great artist friend of mine who i admire his art for quite some time-- i did this Pic for him awhile back of a comic cover with his two main characters as guest stars... His Detective Bear named Frank Devlon and his ladyfriend Jennifer were in a tight bind and needed the help of Malon Ravenwood, Treadshot Wilkins & the Syndicate to bring them back to their own timeline.
The Thing and Hellboy were drawn by Noirtheater as a Christmas gift considered that I LOVE both those characters.
This is the special Cover art i did for Noirtheater~

These are my MOST Prize Possession of FanArt~

Gor always struck me as being very much an ape of action, so I thought a leapy pose and a couple of heavy-duty laser blasters would be in order. I also wanted to do something different with the colouring, so for the first time in ages I refrained from using the white pencil to create the highlights. Instead, I went back to the old method of simply varying the pressure with which I put the pencils to the paper, and I was really pleased with how it turned out - it created a kind of rough, gritty effect that I think suits the character well. I hope you like it!

Mathew Smith~

TRASSK done by the Very Talented CAPTAINGERBEAR, although it was way overdued, I didn't mind it at all being LATE because i figured that he had MORE Important things to do, But nevertheless He has INDEED came through for me~ Thank you so Much Captain~

Gor by Mathew Smith, Bruno & Trassk by GREATIGER, A Gor Scupted Figurine by ARKEORANA, Trassk, Bruno & Gor grayscale & Inkscale by TKD-BULL & Bruno by INVERTEDREALITY The second Bruno was colored by me~

This Pic is From Both KUPOPO & myself and his Character Barnaby & Gor going at it, lucky for both of them there's plenty of BOUNCIE paper towels to clean up the mess.


Great artwork from FABFELIBE

Trassk, Bruno & Brox with Bruno done by INVERTEDREALITY
Bruno & Trassk by MAXIMA
Trassk, Gor, Bruno & Evo by EVO T. REX
Wonderful CG Model redemption of Trassk & Gor done by FUZZY-YAK

Trassk & Gor by BRUCE BADGER
Trassk & Gor By ZOIDBERG
Gor by DA-BOZ

SUBLIMATE'S Artwork of Trassk & Bruno