Here are the PIN-UPS, Please enjoy my Downloadable Pics while you read about each profile i have installed for you.
Here is Big Daddy Bear Curtus, That's right, he's a SERIAL KILLER who's on Death-Row for Multable slayings, Curtus is BURF'S old man who he doesn't know he's the father of one of the most important members of the Syndicate.
Getting right to the topic of BEARS here's a NEW character name POLAR ICECAP who first appeared in Page 44 (See Comic Page 44) he's going to have a very unique relationship with BURF and DADDY-BEAR CURTUS in future issues of the COMIC.

I really need to get on the ball with these CHARACTERS, especially Sergeant Spike the Bulldog Anthro~
Here is LIONARO, he was one of the earlier characters that i was planning to put in the Comic. Sorrily he was killed in the battle against the BOARRIORS, The RED PAW GANG, SABRE has left the Syndicate because of Lionaro's Death, Police Dog, BUTCH is still on the Police Force in Dog Central Command.
This is PORKCHOP, one of the Original BOARRIORS, he was indeed one of the fiercest fighters in the RED PAW GANG. but due to bullying around by KING MINOTAUR, PorkChop backed out of the Boarriors and joined the O.B.S.B. although he's marked by Death from KING MINOTAUR, PorkChop is well protected and sworn to loyalty to the Syndicate.

This was a silly design, i was working on for about 3 years, Magazine Covers called ORCISH WEEKLY, never really got off the ground but occasionally i do a cover from time to time.


The Crusaders was the Very first Comic i did in my life, and they were my Super Heroes that i adore... here in this Comic was a Non-Nudity Super Hero related Characters of Good vs Evil, MALON RAVENWOOD and his StrikeForce Team fight a never ending battle against SHADOWMAN from World Domination.


Treadshot Wilkins & Bullethole Johnson has always been Cut-Throats and Enemies against each other only in the Comic, but i always had a thrill about having them together as lovers. in reality they're better off at each other throats.

Here are some famed O.B.S.B. Concepts & Pin-Ups

This Concept and Final is one of my best works, The first pic was basically just a fluke~ in which I was making TRASSK just enjoying his manhood- but it was missing something so i did a seperate picture of BRUNO and pasted the two together and added the DETAILS later.

This Pic was a real BLAST for me as i went through several "Cut & Paste" Techniques and finally another Masterpiece

BRUNO is one of my Prize Characters and what's TRASSK without BRUNO?? so i brought up some Lovely Pics of the Duo.

Here's another Concept of The Whole gang from Start to Finish.
This Pic is GOR'S secret so-called LOVER... didn't really sat down and got This Hippo a Name, but i will think of one besides HIPPOR. i also didn't like the bluish color because it will clash with BRUNO'S