O.B.S.B. An ANTHRO Comic Series book 1, Page 1-22

Here are O.B.S.B. Comic page 1 to 22 (please note) that these pages are very Graphic with strong language and Homosexual activity.


  1. AWESOME! You are the best!Mr. Tomcat This is the best komix I ever read!!! I cant stop reading :D Can i ask when You post the next pages from Series Book 3? I mean pages 43+ :D

  2. Please make more soon. I am dying to see the green haired gorilla and Gor got at it. Crunker and Trassk too. And by the way, ever considered putting Gorilla Grodd in your series too? I've spent hours trying to find the rest of the series to see what happens next. THERE MUST MORE!!!!!! Plus I'm a gorilla fan too.