Frequently Asked Questions

Who was your Favorite Super Hero when Growing up??
The THING! aka Benjamin Jacob Grimm, he was so cool when i was reading the Fantastic Four Comic-book always liked him, always will, kinda had me puzzled that he would run around in those skimpy little shorts shouting "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME" at his Enemies.
Here's my Fan-art of the EVER-LOVING Blue Eye Thing
Did you ever fantasize about him?
Yeah i did but don't everybody fantasize about their favorite Super Hero or Heroine?

The Thing (C) 2010 Marvel Comics

Any Others you want to add?

He was Big and he was Mean, hell he was a GREEN LANTERN. and he was a Drill Sergeant at that, Calls everybody "POOZERS"
Kilowog, Green Lantern, (C) 2010 DC Comics

And here they both are having some Quality FREE time--

Venom (c) 2010 Marvel Comics

He was another--but I only did one naughty pic of him for a FRIEND, because he did a TRADE in Return... I actually did a Special Pic for him not like my cell-shading method i frequently use--

Do you do Fan-Art of other Characters as well?
Yes i do, I have here a list of Fan-Art i did from all kinds of Interesting Characters, Please take a look--
Who do you love as Favorite Celebrities or Entertainers?

Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Mark Hamill, Johnny Depp, Robin Williams, Jessica Alba, Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Leonard Nemoy, George Takai, Kate Mulgrew, Ethan Phillips, Avery Brooks, Armin Shimmerman, Michael Dorn, Andrew Robinson, Johnathan Frakes, Lou Diamon Phillips, Patrick Swayze, Christopher Reeve,  Jet Lee, Brandon Lee, Jeremy Bullock, (Boba Fett), Liam Neeson, Brandon Fraiser, Shia LaBeouf, Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphey, Gene Wilder, John Shnieder, Tom Wopat, John Hurt, William Hurt, Michael Clarke Duncan, Kimbo Slice, Hugh Jackman, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Ned Beatty, Gene Hackman, Roy Schieder, Ron Pearlman, Dwaine Johnson (The Rock), Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Rick Stiener, Brett the Hit-Man Hart, Bam Bam Bigelow, Big Boss Man, Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Robert Deniro, Vhing Rhames, Lucille Ball, Benny Hill, Mathew Brodrick, Tom Skerrick, Tom Selleck, Anjelica Huston, Tye Daly, Shirley Winters, Jamie Lee Curtus, Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch, Dwight Shultz, and Man many MORE!!
The Names that are highlighted in Yellow are Actors who passed away-- God rest their Souls.
I Especially have a Great respect and Honor and LOVE to my Favorite Growing Up Singer and entertainer of all time,  Michael Jackson
I LOVE you Michael~

And MR. T

Do you LOVE Video Games~?
Do I? i have a Playstation, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, and a XBOX 360, soon i will get another GameCube and a Wii & Playstation 3 Evenually when i have more Funds. here are a few Fun facts pics about Games~

Explain to us about your Comic~ What's So Special about it?
There's NOTHING special about it really, what started out as just a one comic page thing turned into something extrodinary, i was getting at least 20 emails a day wanting the Comic to continue, so i did another and another comic page until i felt comfortable about the Comic and it's Characters before i knew it, i did 42 pages and climbing.

Who was the Most Noticable Character in the Comic?
I would say BRUNO~ because he is unusual and he is the Meat of the Market if you know what i mean, Bruno is the one anthro that started it off, i wanted at least 10 Rhino characters in the Comic who are going to be main characters Like Braford's Character and more.

But wasn't GOR the second Anthro character you created?
GOR was actually the FIRST of the characters of the O.B.S.B. but he's not an Anthro, he's still a Gorilla character and he's doesn't share any traits of a Human except for his speech.

What was your thoughts exactly when you thought of doing other Artist's Characters adding on in the Comic?
At that time i was chatting with Braford on Yahoo Messenger, and the first thing that cross my mind is having his character "CHUCK" in the Comic, he was very skeptic at first, i wanted so much to honor him by having his Rhino character in my comic and he said "Go Ahead" I was so thrilled i almost pee my pants~ i only wish i can still chat with him just to see how things are doing with him. i really miss him.

What about the Other Guest~Star Charcters?
Ivybeth was the Second Person who i wanted in the comic as GOR'S Advisor "OVY" and she too was very skeptic, I wanted her to be kinda like Gor's Self Conscience or "Shoulder Angels" but she was real and i like to make her appear again in the Comic.

Soon others have followed Devil 5's Characters CRUNKER, TKC2012 Orca Character, Bob Buffalo's Character, Modem Red Pill, RGHU's Rhino Jamel, TaoRen, Duo, Rackum, TKD-Bull and More.

Did you have any Problems with Artist's Characters having second thoughts appearing in the Comic?
I had 2 so far, one was from KONANA-RILLAH and the Other was From HOUNDGRAY i went through specific details with these guys and just when i was almost finished with the Comic page they changed their minds and wanted out... due to complications of homosexual activity and nudity, here are the page examples~

This Misunderstanding started after i posted the First page (on the left) on FA with KONANA'S character "ALPHA" I really LOVE this charcter and i thought it would be appropriate to have GOR meet this young Gorilla with OVY introducing, i wanted the scene to appear that Alpha was attracted to Gor and look somewhat pleasing and wanted to start off on the Training but Konana wanted NO NUDITY and so the page was scrapped and i had to re-edit and redo the whole page, he later told me he didn't want Alpha in the Comic at all.

This threw a huge Monkey wrench in the Gears of the whole comic and lost some valuable time and it really made me mad that he decided to tell me this after all this work at the last second after i posted the work on the site.

We resolve the matter later down the road and we still remain good FRIENDS, but with ALPHA scrapped from the Guest-Star appearance in the comic, PRIMER was GOR'S new student, I later respectively did a gift-art for KONANA for no hard feelings for him and his character ALPHA~

And who was the Second?
The second was HOUNDGREY, again the page was very climatic and he had three pages coming~his HOUND character was very interesting to me and for the Longest time I view his site on FA and notice too he had no NUDITY on there- I deeply respected Him and his Wrestling Characters and wanted HOUND to be a Teacher to My character "BURF" the Bear~ here are the Pages--
HoundGrey was on yahoo and we chatted repeatively, we got along swimmingly and we talked for hours on one end about how to introduced HOUND into the O.B.S.B., we both agreed on NO NUDITY and it went along great, until the Final page. i was almost done with 2 panels to go and through all the chatting he was extremely bossy and irritated by the way Hound looked. "They Crotch was too big" "the Crotch was too small" Changed this!!! Change That!!

All in all, I wanted what was best for HOUNDGREY and for his character to look really pleasing-- there wasn't nothing that was pleasing Houndgrey at that matter and for me to get a mouthful of unhappiness about this page, we both thought it was better to have Hound Scrapped. HOUND was replaced by a NEW-out-of-the-blue-character named PITT MIESTER!!

Again i got shafted and two of the three pages were redone and reposted on FA, I was so MAD that are differences didn't matter anymore and we no longer became Friends- I wanted so much to please these artists to have their characters in my COMIC but through and through this is what i get for being polite... am i wrong People??

I have no HATRED whatsoever toward Houndgrey In fact, I'm hoping we can still be Good friends and we can introduce his Character Hound into the O.B.S.B. someday, but this depends entirelly on HOUNDGREY himself. 

Are there Characters in the Comic especially interested in your opinion that you would Love to continue on~?
There are several Characters i have a great fondness i would love to shine on. One especially from Braford's "CHUCK" Ivybeth's "OVY", Infinite Devil 5's CRUNKER, Bob Buffalo's Character, TKD-Bull's CHUCK TEX LONG, TKC2010's ORCA, TAOREN and MOST IMPORTANTLY RGHU's Character JAMEL!!!

Jamel is one very special character that Gor happened to train in the Comic~ but he failed the Course, what will happen to this RHINO Character?
RGHU is the Creator of this character, Jamel. and i thought for the longest time will honor me with a TRADE... that we agreed on, he did not and so this character will likely not to appear any further in the Comic~

Does that Upset you?
Very much so, I took the liberty on honoring his character and gave him several pages in the Comic... at the time he was going through some differcult changes and i waited, still to this day, i only wish i can get a Picture from him.

Were there other artists out there who you wish can do a Trade with you or have their character in your Comic?
There are lots of fellow artists out there who i would LOVE to trade with, Grisser, Aokmaidu, Pac, Furronika to name a few~ but I'm sure that they all have important work to do first before wasting their time with me.

Can you share any highlights on the future with The O.B.S.B. Comic, what do you have plans so far?
Well, things are gonna start heating up with KING MINOTAUR and the BOARRIORS,

 TRASSK will have 4 other ORC WARRIORS coming for him plus a Ogre will test his respect and Honor against him~ 

GOR will leave the Syndicate and go on his own for awhile before returning, he will find an unlikely ally would would possibly be his new love in his life.

BRUNO will have his loyalties Tested by TRASSK, BURF and a Female Rhino Assassin who was sent to destroy the Syndicate, This love Triangle will have a very Nasty outbringer in the End.

BURF will have his Past catch up with him as he learns of his Serial Killer Father comes into View-- His long lost Mother will have an appearance too~

That's pretty Much it, Thank you for taking the Time to view this Q & A