More Art

This is a RELATED comic but NOT part of the O.B.S.B. considered that this is a Christmas gift for the GREAT friends of Fur Affinity-- only wish Rhino Cum taste as good as EGGNOG but hey, you can dream right??

My 2 steps from Black & White to Color of BRUNO & ZYXXS & TRASSK & ZYXXS for a couple of friends of mine 
Another ORC Pic for a GREAT friend
Here is "HERC" a Character that was way over due to a TRADE for a friend on Fur Affinity-- "POLAR ICECAP" is a all NEW character that will appear in the Comic and will be BURF'S True love.
My Love for STAR WARS has got me wondering that the Sexy GAMORREAN GUARDS were worthy of any sex acts so i drew a few of these guys and how much i love them.
When it came down to the Niddy Griddy i always pictured what BEN GRIMM aka "THE THING" from MARVEL COMICS & "GREEN LANTERN'S" KILOWOG from DC COMICS would do to have sex-- well worry no more, here i have them both having some quality time together in a PIN-UP 
Since I love both KILOWOG & The THING, I'm currently working on a 4 page Mini COMIC of the 2 favorite Heroes-- There's NO DESRESPECT to either MARVEL COMICS or DC COMICS for their Characters, who would WONDER why the THING always wears TRUNKS and not have a NICE PACKAGE--- Go FIGURE HUH?  here-- is page 1-5 
This is Going to Be BRUNO'S new Look in the Comic-- I love the idea of Having Him in a Blue Collare Atmosphere because of his Toughness, The Boxers and Tanktop will continue to shine for him in his leizer form but he will mostly be in his Construction gear.

Here are some FRESH pics of my character "PITT MEISTER" the Pittbull and HOUNDGREY'S "HOUND" as we are continuously doing TRADES-- HOUNDGREY has got to be my favorite Fur character to draw as of late.
Some new Pics of Bruno & Burf---always seem to love the Bruno lying down pic because it give him an Inside Depth and Demension, it also shows a lot of Detail on his COLOR SCEME.
Here are some GOR'S pics for you---kinda sad that how much i adore GORILLAS i never seem to get enough pics of my boy GOR, he is incredibly hard to draw especially in the COMIC-- GOR here has not really settled down with his own lover, not like BRUNO & TRASSK and even BURF--- but i will keep it up as much as i can to draw you more GOR!!!

I never thought of copying a character from a popular Comic like GREEN LANTERN but everyone on Fur Affinity has been doing with their characters and so i tried it out with BRUNO here--although the Yellow Ring of Power depicts "FEAR" BRUNO'S COCK can answer that-- but BRUNO is not an evil guy. the second Pic is just an alternate Pic with a different type of shading then what i've been using--nothing new just some highlights and some well place shading.