Characters Profiles of the O.B.S.B.

Welcome to my O.B.S.B. Character Profiles, before you get started and read the Comic and View and Download Pin-ups. Please take the time and read about each of my CHARACTERS. 
Let's start off on this green fellow-- This is TRASSK an ORC WARRIOR who came to Earth from another demension- along with his son GOR (see Gor) Trassk came disoriented and for about a year he couldn't find his adopted Son, with the help of the CRUSADERS (see Crusaders) Gor was reunited with his Father-- for many years the GORILLIANS and the ORCS were fighting a war, during the ultimate warfest which cause Death & Destruction on both sides. Trassk was only a Teenager when the war started, after the war which destroyed his entire Orc Tribe, he found a young Gorillian baby and adopted him for 10 years, Trassk taught Gor the basics of sulvival and keeping the horrific story from him about his heritadge and the bloody War--

Here are some early concept pics of Trassk

Although considered to be a Anthro/Furry related Comic, Trassk is neither, he is what i would call one of my finest creations, so far, I have maybe a dozen characters of my own portraying around in the Comic. most of the Characters are fan related, which means they are characters i drew for my online friends from all over the globe.

Here are some Pics i did for various people...
1. Alpha Ape for konana-Rillah
2. Bob Buffalo for Bob
3. Chuck Rhino for Braford
4. Da Rhino for Mezasalvador
5. Zyxxs for Zyxxs
6. Burlow Bristleback for "InvertedReality"
7. Therg for Thunder
8. Crunker for Infinte Devil 5

Plus dozens more in the Comic!!

This is GOR, let me be completely honest people, GOR was the first Furry character i created and believe me, he's my most sacred of all my characters. you guess it, I LOVE GORILLAS- KING KONG was my hero when i was growing up. so GOR came into my life and into the O.B.S.B. comic as well.

Here is BRUNO, he looks intiminating and he can chew nails... But BRUNO can be the toughest drill sergeant money can buy, Bruno has always been loyal to Trassk (see Trassk) Bruno sees to it that the Cadets are prepaired to fight against KING MINOTAUR in a unique fighting style that refers both physical pain and hardcore sex- his job is to see to it that the Cadets are in shape and ready to do battle. Bruno is also noted as the strongest and the largest "COCK" in the Syndicate.

And FINALLY here's BURF!!! Burf here is a rookie climbing up on the ranks and a very special love interest to Bruno (see bruno) Burf has had it rough every since he was a very young cub, his father was a serial killer and his Mother left him when he was 7... even in the Syndicate, Burf has been taken avantaged of, but he's one tough cookie and he can handle himself very well in close combat.

Older Art Pics from where this all started.
More recent Newer Pics


  1. hey man all this stuff is amazing. i was getting started on makeing a few charaters of my own and you definitely are an inspiration. i would love to get a few pointers from you.

  2. Wow, i'm in love with Gor! Like you, Gorillas are my favorite!
    Keep up the awesome work, im a huge fan!